About Colin:

Colin Van Deusen is a multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, NY. In 2008, he earned his BA in New Media from Emerson College in Boston.  Colin currently resides and works in New York City, where he has enjoyed working on a wide variety of media projects.

From video production to audio engineering- and all the way to comedy writing and graphic design, Colin has acquired a broad spectrum of experience in media production.

In early 2012, Colin co-founded Rile Dog Productions, a consortium of talented media artists in New York City that team up to make fun and interesting web videos.  They just released a web series titled Science Friction: The Series.  It’s a comedic thriller.

Video Experience:

Colin first became acquainted with filming techniques and video editing by making movies while in high school, including a 30-minute video as his senior mastery project. While at Emerson College in Boston, Colin was introduced to professional editing software such as Final Cut Pro and Avid.

During his internship at Captured Time Productions, Colin learned to use Avid more extensively as an assistant to the editor. He gained valuable lessons while working on sequence edits with the film’s director, Harvey Hubbell V.  Colin also spent time on set, assisting with the filming of interviews and b-roll in the documentary format.

Later at Emerson College, Colin gained more first-hand experience working on film sets with professional-grade digital video cameras and portable lighting systems.  Since college he has gained more experience using DSLR cameras, microphones, and external audio devices on various sets.

Audio Experience:

Colin’s audio production experience comes primarily from years of playing in bands.  As the bass player for rock band No One’s Hero, Colin engineered most of their material from 2001 to 2007.

After the disbanding of No One’s Hero in 2007, lead songwriter Billy Janiszewski continued writing new music.  Colin recorded fourteen of his new acoustic songs during an intensive four-day session.

Most recently, Colin mixed and mastered the Radio, Ready or Not EP by Brooklyn-based rock trio The Bygones!  He also finished mixing and released the long-lost final album by No One’s Hero titled Smothered in Sundae Toppings.

Latest Video Project

Science Friction Science Friction is a thrilling web series with a hilariously absurd plot. Check out the trailer Colin edited by clicking the logo above.

Latest Audio Project

Colin helped record, mix, and master an EP by the Brooklyn-based rock group.