Science Friction: The Series (2012)

Science Friction: The Series is a web series written and produced by Colin Van Deusen and his colleague Emmanuel Psihountas.  Colin directed and edited two of the episodes.  The story follows two scientists who set out to unravel a mystery, and what they discover reaches beyond their worst fears- a secret from another universe.  This comical, yet thrilling series was released bi-weekly on YouTube and Vimeo.

Life on a Track (2010)

Using public domain footage provided from, Colin edited a music video for electronic musician J4RO in 2010. The psychedelic collage of moving images from yesteryear serves as the backdrop to a pulsing electronic melody from today. This contrast helps tells an interesting story about life, cycles, and the ways the world changes.

Hooch Hunter (2008)

Hooch Hunter
Hooch Hunter
is a short comedy video about a modern day detective who believes Prohibition is still in effect.  He roams the streets of Allston, Massachusetts with only one goal in mind: stop college kids from (legal) boozing!

Science Friction Returns (2008)

Science Friction Returns is a feature-length absurd comedy created entirely by Emerson College students over the course of two years. The movie was written and directed by Colin Van Deusen and Emmanuel Psihountas.  The story follows two scientists, Dr. Ben and Dr. Jerry, who inadvertently cause the apocalypse by taking part in a controversial cloning experiment.

Latest Video Project

Science Friction Science Friction is a thrilling web series with a hilariously absurd plot. Check out the trailer Colin edited by clicking the logo above.

Latest Audio Project

Colin helped record, mix, and master an EP by the Brooklyn-based rock group.