Colin spent two summers interning at Captured Time Productions in Litchfield, Connecticut.  There he helped on the production of an upcoming documentary film titled Dislecksia: The Movie.  Colin worked closely with director Harvey Hubbell and editor Eric Gardner on various aspects of the film.

His first summer, Colin spent hours logging footage and acting as a P.A. on different film sets.  He traveled to Haskins Lab in New Haven, Connecticut, to help on the set of an interview.  He also assisted in the filming of a graduation ceremony at the Forman School in Litchfield, Connecticut.

Eventually, Colin was given the job of acquiring music rights for songs in the movie.  This task required researching various copyright databases to find who owned the rights to each song.

On Colin’s return one summer later, he was introduced to Captured Time Productions’ Avid Editing system.  Colin assembled rough sequences for the head editor to work with.  By the end of the summer, Colin was helping train interns to use the Avid system.