Science Friction: The Series (2012)

Science Friction: The Series is a thrilling comedic web series created and produced by Colin Van Deusen and Emmanuel Psihountas with the help of many talented colleagues in New York City.

Colin had a heavy hand in post-production duties such as editing and audio work, as well as managing the series’ YouTube, Vimeo, and Official website.  He also wrote and directed two episodes of the series.  The episodes were released online bi-weekly in early 2012.

Official Trailer:

Years after the mysterious death of scientist Dr. Thomas Magilicutty, his troubled son Jerry aspires to finish the work his father left behind: the completion of the world’s first time travel device known as the Graviton Apple. Dr. Jerry reopens his father’s lab and enters the dangerous world of Manticore, the mega-corporation that drove his father to the grave. As Jerry inches closer to success, a chance encounter with Dr. Ben Howard, a former Manticore employee, adds more intrigue to the already unnerving circumstances of his father’s passing. The two scientists set out to unravel this mystery and what they discover reaches far beyond their wildest fears; a secret from another universe.

Trailer Edited by
Colin Van Deusen

Produced by
Rile Dog Productions

Music by
J4RO and Kenny Pickett

To watch the entire series on Youtube, here is the Science Friction: The Series video playlist.